In 2012, after hearing many great stories, trying various recipes, and experimenting with regional variations of the historical beverage, Ely and Garrett concluded their version of switchel would be made with fresh ginger, the traditional recipe's pure organic maple syrup, and a raw organic apple cider vinegar from North East orchards. With the modern day options at hand, this is the highest quality, healthiest, and, most importantly, most delicious way to carry on tradition. With a small bottling operation in a family barn, they began selling at their local Vermont farmer's market.


Switchel began in the mountains of Vermont hundreds of years ago. The recipe was different back then. For example, they used powdered ginger because fresh root was not available. Fast-forward to today, Ely and Garrett reinvented this age-old recipe to be the most versatile health drink there is. It has a kick without the caffeine, and a vast array of health benefits.

In 2015, after having relocated production to New York- a move that ultimately made the Vermont small business more sustainable both environmentally and financially - Up Mountain Switchel joined forces with a 5th generation family run bottling facility just outside Brooklyn, NY. In the new facility, Up Mountain Switchel is able to make their award winning recipe the exact same way Ely and Garrett started, but fresher and cheaper for the drinker!