Switchel might be the most sustainable functional beverage on the market :


•FOUR SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Local organic maple syrup, local organic apple cider vinegar, organic fresh ginger root, and Berkshire mountain water. 

•OUR SUPPLY CHAIN IS NON GMO, ORGANIC, VEGAN, AND KOSHER, including the lemon juice, yerba mate, and cayenne pepper in our additional flavor offerings. We are building up our funds to pay for the USDA organic certification, Project NON-GMO certification, and Vegan certification for our final product. The certifications simply have a cost barrier to entry that we will remedy ASAP.

• Up Mountain Switchel is in glass NOT PLASTIC, and we are one of the the only beverages on the market without a planned obsolescent bottle. Our bottle and our company inspire the up-cycling of our package even before recycling! #ReSwitchel

•UMS sugar content is derived solely from unrefined, mineral rich, low-glycemic Maple Syrup. UMS SUPPORTS THE LOCAL MAPLE SYRUP INDUSTRY rather than the subsidized refined sugar industry.  Educated consumers appreciate this! There is a ton  (like more than a regular can of pepsi) of refined sugar going in to the process of creating each bottle of some of the giants that sit on the shelf next to us! In some cases, some of these companies may even be using corn syrup, and you would never know it!

•Ginger and vinegar are both natural preservatives. Up Mountain Switchel does not require refrigerated trucking or warehousing. This LOWERS ENERGY-USE , WASTE, AND OVERHEAD with all aspects of supply, providing you with what we consider to be the most authentic and effective health drink,  at comparatively the best price on the market! When you pay a lot of money for a kombucha or a pressed juice or coconut water (all of which are great but perishable), you are paying for the inevitable waste those companies experience through inefficiencies in their supply chain.  

•The above allows for REALLY HIGH QUALITY AT A MORE ACCESSIBLE PRICE FOR A BROADER CUSTOMER BASE. Consumers don’t pay a higher price so that producers can cover the wasteful losses of out of code/perishable products . 

•Up Mountain Switchel Yerba Mate- Our yerba mate supplier is organic, fair trade certified, and the world's first water neutral company. They PROTECT AND MAINTAIN RAINFOREST LAND AND COMMUNITIES through their grow process.